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high-lighting and expressing the environment through the arts.


what happens here

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art workshops

All workshops are created to focus on art as a means to engage with and deepen our understanding of the environment. Workshops are instructed by professional in the creative arts each with their own unique engagement with the natural world around us.

art workshops
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artist residencies

Planned for fall 2024 , artist residencies will be avaiable to artists creating with a focus on the synergy and messaging of art and the environment. Prior to lodgings being available, single day residencies will be available, please contact the ranch to inquire, and join the email list to to stay informed.

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art experiences

Experiencial events for all lovers of art and the environment. Immersive sight, sound, taste and smell. Join the email list to be the first to know, achieve early access and special perks.


Inspired by Artists who changed the way viewers see and experience the world, each casita is filled with original arts by artists who continue in this tradition. Come and immerse yourself in the natural environment of ART RANCH with a stay at Goldsworthy, Turrell, or O'Keeffe. Be inspired by the sights, scents, sounds and wildlife of this 50 acre natural area. 

color from nature

create vibrant rich color inks, watercolors, dyes, eco prints using plants + flowers from the organic natural artist garden

what our students say...

The class size was perfect, enough so we could enjoy lots of individual styles and get to know other painters but not too crowded. I felt I got plenty of one on one attention.

Jordan S.

I had never done water color painting before and didn’t go in with a serious mind for it, but the instructor changed my mind forever! I am an artist in many different ways and this was something that put a sweet twist on my perspective of a lot of things! Don’t ever under estimate yourself, you may learn something new and exciting!

Stefanie F.

My favorite part of the experience was losing myself in the painting. Definitely got in the zone and found it incredibly relaxing.

Boni F.